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WE ARE: is a specialised developer marketplace committed to promoting inclusive hiring by sourcing the best people globally. We help companies scale their tech teams by combining agency speed with in-house quality.

WE ARE NOT: is not a job board nor a labour broker. is not a platform for candidates or employers looking to offer or hire freelance services, temp services, or short-term contracts. We do not employ income-sharing agreements or hourly rate charges.

1. What makes different?

Candidate quality: Unlike traditional recruitment or online recruitment platforms, developers typically apply to be on our database. Every candidate is vetted for skill, English ability, motivation, intent to change jobs, culture fit, and remote working capabilities.

Neutral profiles: Candidate profiles are sanitized of all identifying factors in our effort to promote diversity, inclusion, and eliminate prejudice and bias. Profiles include career aspirations, detailed work histories, and skillsets. Work eligibility status and expected salary information are provided upfront.

2. What does a neutral profile look like?

A neutral profile excludes all identifying factors to allow employers to make interview decisions based purely on merit. Does the profile match their requirements in terms of skills, experience, education, required working hours, and time zone location? The aim is to ensure all unconscious biases and prejudice are excluded when selecting candidates for interviews. Only once an employer has selected who to interview will this information be released to them.

3. Part-time, freelance, contract developers, and jobs. supports hiring candidates on a full-time basis, either permanently or on a fixed-term contract exceeding 12 months in duration. We support remote developers receiving similar treatment and benefits to onsite employees - that is our mission.

4. Are there any costs or fees involved for candidates?

Nothing, nichts, zero! It’s completely free to use In fact, we reward you! We will send you some sweet swag to say thank you if:

  • -You find a job through us.
  • -You refer a friend who finds a job through us.
  • -You write a blog for us.

5. Are there any costs or fees involved for employers?

Registering as an employer with is free. A dedicated account manager will contact you to assess your needs and suggest the best options for your company. Currently, there are 3 hiring plans to choose from:

  • S.a.a.S [Sourcing as a Service] - We source the best, you do the rest. Tell us your needs and we will source the best candidate available globally. We deliver an agreed-upon shortlist of candidates willing to interview with you, and the rest is up to you. This is the most cost-effective option if you are recruiting 3 or fewer roles per year and want to be in control of the process.
  • M.a.a.S [Mapping as a service] - The most cost-effective service if you are expanding to new territories or have a capable in-house recruitment team. We deliver a shortlist of unvetted candidates as per your skill requirements. within your designated territories, countries, or industries.
  • R.a.a.S [Recruitment as a Service] - This is a pay-per-hire option at a set price offering you agency speed with in-house quality. This option is ideal if you want a once-off service, are looking for hard-to-find candidates, or are recruiting a C-level candidate.
  • P.a.a.S [Partnering as a Service] - If you foresee making more than 3 hires in 12 months, becoming a partner is the most cost-effective way to scale up your team. It comprises an annual subscription tailored to your company’s hiring needs, where you pay upfront to make a certain number of hires within that period.

6. What are the work hours of remote developers?

We ensure that developers interested in your opportunity are available for at least 4 of your core working hours daily. Should you require a longer overlap, we will ensure the interested developers are aware of these requirements and willing to comply.

Just remember, 93% of developers are looking for flexible work hours, and being too stringent with this requirement will inevitably mean a smaller talent pool to choose from which will limit your options and ability to scale with speed.

7. Does do background checks? does not perform background, criminal record, education, credit, reference checks, or any other pre-employment checks on candidates. Your company will always make the final employment decision and thus remain responsible for performing due diligence on all candidates. has partnered with Vouched to make cross-border Identity & Document Verification easier than ever. Vouched helps companies in 40 countries around the world to identify exactly who they’re working with. You also get a discount when you sign up for one of these services through us.

8. Do you only source and recruit developers?

We source and recruit various roles across all seniority levels within the tech industry. On the homepage, we tried to illustrate the variety of roles and skills in our talent pool. Below is a non-exhaustive list of typical job functions and seniority levels we source and recruit:

  • Job functions: Full-stack; Backend; Frontend; Mobile (iOS & Android); Web Development; Game Development: DevOps; Cloud Engineering; Data Engineering; Data Science; CyberSec; InfoSec; Blockchain Development: Machine Learning; AI; NLP; VR; UI/UX
  • Seniority levels: Junior; Intermediate; Senior; Team Leader; Tech Lead; Architect; Manager; Snr Manager; Executive; CIO; CTO; CEO

9. Where are developers on located?

Currently, most of our developers reside in the UTC-4 to UTC+2 time zone.

We have ambitious expansion plans and next on our radar is the UTC-2 to UTC-6 zone, followed by the UTC+3 to UTC+6 time zone.

10. How do companies pay remote workers?

In the past, if you did not have a legal entity within the home country of the candidate, compensation and compliance became a headache most employers would rather avoid. But times have changed and we have you covered! has partnered with international payroll companies to make cross-border payrolling and compliance easier than ever.

Remote and Deel are both experienced in handling all payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance matters of remote team members for you in 150+ countries. You also get a discount when you sign up for one of these services through us.

11. Unanswered questions?

If we have not answered all your questions, please drop us a note and we will get right back to you!