We help companies scale their tech teams by combining agency speed with in-house quality.

A specialised developer marketplace committed to promoting inclusive hiring

RemoteIT envisions a future where everyone has equal opportunity to find a job they love, no matter where they are based, and the world’s most innovative companies can fish the global talent pool to unearth the best tech talent available. Hiring the world’s top tech talent AND making a global impact on diversity and inclusion can’t be done alone. It can also not be done solely by utilising AI-driven software as you employ people, not just a skillset or keywords.

RemoteIT combines intelligent job matching with a human touch by providing dedicated account managers to every client, no matter which service you opt for. We created a suite of affordable services at set prices to allow every employer – including start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises – to hire the cream of the crop at a predictable cost with no hidden fees. Your account manager will discuss the best option with you and can advise you on custom services should our current services not meet your specific needs.

RemoteIT offers a transparent and efficient service for our clients to find the best talent and build top-performing teams by providing accurate, real-time information about candidates’ salary expectations and work preferences upfront. We are committed to promoting equality by utilising bias reduction features when we present candidate profiles to our clients, no matter which service you choose.


SOURCING AS A SERVICE. We source the best, you do the rest. Tell us your needs and we will source the best candidates available globally. We deliver an agreed-upon shortlist of candidates willing to interview with you, and the rest is up to you. This is the most cost-effective option if you are recruiting 3 or fewer roles per year and want to be in control of the process.


MAPPING AS A SERVICE - the most cost-effective service if you are expanding to new territories or have a capable in-house recruitment team. We provide you with an unvetted candidate list as per your skill requirements in the countries, territories, or industries of your choice.


RECRUITMENT AS A SERVICE. This is a pay-per-hire option offering you agency speed with in-house quality. This option is ideal if you want a once-off service, are looking for hard-to-find candidates, or are recruiting a C-level candidate.


We source and pre-vet remote developers across seniority levels to identify top talent with exceptional technical and communication skills, ready to work in your time zone. Our rigorous pre-vetting process assures a high quality to cost ratio by sourcing the best remote software engineers across the globe. Software engineers are vetted on their technical skills, English ability, motivation, culture fit, and remote working capabilities.


HTML, CCS, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, +++


C, C#, C++, Java, Kotlin, Python, Golang, Erlang, Ruby on Rails, .NET Core, +++

Full Stack

Python, Java, .Net, Ruby, Rust, Spring, Postgre, Hibernate, Django, Bash, +++


iOS, Android, Swift, Objective-C, Xamarin, Flutter, Scala, +++

Cloud | DevOps

Azure, AWS, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Docker, Git, Terraform, CI/CD, IaC, +++

CyberSec | InfoSec


Data Science | ML | AI

Julia, Matlab, R, Apache, Dask, Jupyter, Numpy, Pandas, Databricks, +++

Data Engineering

MongoDB, MySQL, SQL, NoSQL, Redis, Firebase, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, ++


Ethereum, Hyperledger, HashGraph, Solidity, Geth, Mist, Truffle, Remix, +++

Game Development

Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Blender, Visual Studio, WebXR, R3F, SoapUI, +++


Sketch, InVision, Axure, Craft, Proto, Adobe, Marvel, Webflow, Origami, +++

Many more skills

The list is exhaustive……contact us for your specific needs!


We believe trust is the foundation of all relationships - honesty and integrity are the cornerstones. We do the things we say we will.

Ronald Reagan said: “Trust, but verify.”

We invite you to verify us. Try us and judge for yourself.

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